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01 About


      Hi, I’m Jolene. I’m an interior designer residing in North Carolina with a strong interest in lighting, chairs, and how design impacts our daily lives by incorporating sustainable design practices into my projects.
    I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Architecture. While attending school, I was considered for two national design competitions for my conceptual design work; completed two internships at an upholstery textile design company in High Point, NC; became accredited by the Green Business Certification Institute (GBCI) as a LEED Green Associate, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.
    Professionally, I have experience in high-end residential design, product design, and designing marketing imagery for commercial companies to use in national ad campaigns. Additionally, I'm currently in the process of becoming NCIDQ certified.
    When I’m not working, I love to crochet and knit, play video games, throw pottery on a wheel, cultivate houseplants, and generally learn and experience new types of crafts.


02 Portfolio

* All CGI imagery owned by PIX-US 
Responsible for all design and propping direction


03 Conceptual

Project One:
Ambrosial Day Spa

Design a space for patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis to visit and participate in physical therapy, doctor visits and checkups as well as partake in relaxing spa like activities. 
   The clients of this project are asking for a dual purpose space, one in which they could work and live in; with a clear separation of the two areas. Both spaces need to comply with ADA established codes to help assist all who may have trouble with mobility whilst visiting. It is also asked that the majority of the space be dedicated to the spa while the living space be just large enough to accommodate their everyday basic needs. 

This project was completed during my junior year of college at UNCG (fall semester 2015).

This project was entered and considered for the 2016 Bienenstock Furniture Library Interior Design Competition

Project Two: 
A Pup of Tea

Create a conceptual design for a potential space at a local beer garden called Tracks, located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. The hypothetical design concept should help the developer and potential vendors see the possibilities of running a business at this venue upon completion of the project.
   The concept I developed for the space is a dog friendly tea house; I felt this concept would help drive in key demographics targeted by Tracks: Millennials and Gen Z. After having done research on the statistics of Millennials and Gen Z individuals who care for dogs and consume tea, I felt it would be a good fit. Whilst the added focus on tea vs. alcohol aims to appeal to those who may prefer other beverages aside from alcohol. 

This project was completed during my senior year (summer semester 2016).

This project was presented to the developer. This was part of a summer class and it is unknown if he used the proposed design to attract potential vendors.

Project Three: 
LEEDing WELL Design

 Provide a conceptual re-design of the newly renovated ASID Headquarters office located in Washington D.C. The finished design should achieve both LEED ID+C Commercial Interiors and WELL New and Existing Interiors Platinum Certification, as well as compliance with building and ADA codes and regulations.
   The overall finished space should aim to help promote an environment that is healthy to all employees and visitors while also encouraging creativity, innovation, wellness and sustainable design. 
   The client of this project is asking that an emphasis be placed on employee collaboration and interaction and desires an open work space with unassigned workstations to help promote mobility and prevent repetitive daily activities.  
   In this project, the client is asking that the office be completely re-designed, along with the public men's and women's bathroom (located on the same floor) and one of the two employee exclusive patio spaces at the top of the building. 

This project was completed during my senior year (fall semester 2016). 

This project was presented to the CEO and employees of ASID as well as the design firm that actually re-designed the space in Washington D.C.